An advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) is a registered nurse who is educated at a graduate level (Masters or Doctoral) level in a specific role and patient population.  APRNs are educationally prepared, have precepted clinical hours, and hold a national certification that allows them to assess, diagnose, order tests, and treat (including prescribing medications) to manage patients appropriately.  APRNs work in a variety of settings including hospitals, private offices, school-based health clinics, and surgical centers.

The term, APRN, serves as an umbrella term.  This video gives a brief overview of the 4 APRN roles.

Key Facts about APRNs in Arkansas

  • There are > 2,800 APRNs licensed in AR

  • 1800 of 2300 (78%) are Certified Nurse Practitioners who are certified, licensed, and educated in Primary Care

  • 300 NEW APRNs complete their academic programs annually in Arkansas

  • APRNs have a minimum of a master’s degree and a growing number hold a doctoral degree

  • Nationally, 84.9% of APRNs treat Medicare patients and 83.9% treat Medicaid patients